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When Lauren and I decided we wanted to make some work together, Ecotools was a perfect project. I had the photography assets already from a photoshoot I art directed at Laughlin Constable so we wanted to create a campaign that felt and looked like Ecotools. They are a brand that encourages positivity, inclusivity, and all-natural products so we thought "Be Authentically You" was a perfect fit.

Problem: Known for sustainability and quality, EcoTools has been creating vegan, cruelty-free beauty and self-care products since 2007. While being an established brand commonly sold in drugstores and major retailers, its brand presence was lackluster. We saw room to make the brand shine brighter and shake up the competition. As an art director and copywriter team, we sought to rebrand EcoTools, for it to make a buzz in the beauty scene and appeal to younger audiences.

Our solve: We shifted the focus of the EcoTools brand identity: instead of focusing on its earth-friendly mission, we emphasized the human, relatable benefits of the products to give it an amped-up persona. We developed a new brand concept statement to focus our art direction and copy around: “We’re authentic about our products, so you can be authentically you.” Blending dynamic copy and design, we created a campaign spanning print, digital, and social to interact with beauty fanatics far and wide, increasing awareness and engagement around EcoTools.

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